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Driveway Cleaning

Has your driveway seen better

Well its time to spruce up the area, and bring it back to its former glory

Expert Driveway cleaning

Cleaning drives, patios, decking, paths, walls etc has been our speciality for many years.

We have an onboard tank so if necessary we can bring the water to you, we offer many optional extras with the jet washing service that we offer such as:

Chemical treatment
Blackspot removal

One of the most important questions we get asked is, are you any good ? This is a reasonable question, you want the best bang for your buck...
Our results are excellent, you can easily see a difference from using a karcher domestic pressure washer to having it expertly cleaned by us.

Not only do you save energy and getting wet!

But our equipment is industrial standard so the finish is clearly superior its appro 30x more powerful then a domestic jet wash.

It removes weeds moss dirt slime etc...

Without a problem and because we have more power we can clean the area several times to ensure every spot is perfect and making it sparkle afterwards of course we rinse down doors windows walls plants to ensure the area looks perfect.
In general all our customers only have great things to say to us on a frequent basis, the reason being is we spent a long time getting the best equipment the market is flooded with jet wash machines but most don't produce the best results.

We found the perfect equipment to deliver outstanding results every time! We wanted something which made it clear that this clean was a cut above the rest and we found it. In-fact as soon as we start cleaning customers bring drinks and biscuits with a big smile need I say more....

An Expert Gutter Cleaner
You Can Trust

What Gutter Star Cleaning Is Best At

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed, we have many positive reviews and a great overall reputation for excellence. We are IPAF registered meaning we can use cherry pikers scissor lifts etc if needed.

Commercial & Domestic

Here at Gutter Star we provide our gutter cleaning services to both the domestic and the commercial sectors. We provide one-off gutter cleaning or for our commercial clients, we offer a 6month, 1 year contracts.

Customer Satisfaction

Gutter Star is proud to showcase some of our fantastic customer testimonials for completed works. We are one of the highest-rated gutter cleaners in the UK and take pride in our work and customer satisfaction.

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